Registration is limited to 90 people so it is wise to be in early. The very last day for enrolments for the 2021 Summer School will be 1 January 2021.

Please note that in this period of major uncertainty due to the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly with regard to border restrictions, enrolments for the 2021 Summer School are not expected to open until August 2020. We will post any updates on this website as soon as we have made the relevant decisions.

fee structure

Teapot Summer School fees are made up of two components

  • The charges made by the Teapot Valley Christian Camp for accommodation and meals
  • A charge to cover all other costs such as conductor, vocal coach, soloist and accompanist fees, music hire, concert costs etc. 

The “other costs” component of the fees has remained fixed since the inception of the Summer School twenty years ago. Over the years, prices for those things have risen and additional costs have been incurred such as insurance, website development and maintenance, and additional advertising to keep registrant numbers up. The Trust is now regretfully at the point of having to raise that component of the fees if it is to remain viable.


1. Residential: $1271 ($1155 early bird price) accommodation on site with all meals.

2. Non-residential with meals $946 ($860 early bird price) includes all lunches and dinners on site.

3. Non-residential, no meals: $737 ($665 early bird price) includes Tuesday lunch and dinner and dinner prior to the cabaret.

4. Young people’s scholarships: $776 ($705 early bird price) up to 12 places for people aged 15-23, including accommodation on site and all meals.


  • Residential enrolments for bunk rooms may be limited to prevent over-crowding.
  • The Camp fee component is reduced by $45 for those using tents, caravans and campers.  If camping is attractive to you, we encourage you take this option as it will reduce crowding in the bunk rooms.


Those willing to pay part or all of their fees early can benefit from a lower registration cost. Two payment options are available:

  1. $400 deposit (non-refundable) to be paid some time in October 2020 to be advised – and balance of lower fee payable by 1 January 2021.
  2. Full amount of lower fee to be paid by a date in late 2020 to be advised – watch this space..

Payment by monthly instalments – email us to arrange.

Refunds (apart from the $400 early bird deposit) at the discretion of the Teapot Summer School management.