Since the inception of the Teapot Valley Choral Camp in 2001, the venue has been the Teapot Valley Christian Camp.

Located not far from Brightwater on the western edge of the Waimea Valley, the Camp offers plain but comfortable accommodation and plentiful, healthy food. The lovely setting is serene and peaceful with well-established trees and extensive grounds giving a sense of openness and calm.


Bunk rooms
For the most part the sleeping accommodation is in shared, basic bunkrooms. Each pair of bunkrooms shares a bathroom. We allocate the bunkrooms in such a way as to minimise numbers in each bunkroom but numbers do depend on the level of enrolments. Please note that there are no shelves or mirrors in the bunkrooms, although there are mirrors in the bathrooms. There are also no chairs – many veteran Teapotters bring a folding chair for sitting on outside.

There is also a camping area with eight powered sites and any number of non-powered sites which some Teapotters take advantage of. The Teapot Valley camp organisation is happy to accommodate caravans and campervans.


The Camp staff enjoy having our Summer School adults in residence as they say it allows them to make a wider variety of food than children’s groups find tolerable. Meals are taken in the communal dining room. Three hearty meals a day are provided as well as light refreshments at the mid-morning break and fruit in the afternoon break. The muffins and scones are so popular it is sometimes debatable what Choral Camp attendees enjoy more – the singing or the morning tea! All dietary requirements are catered for without fuss.

Other facilities

There is an unheated and very popular swimming pool which many Teapotters use. Some are inspired to do 40 lengths before breakfast, others simply muck about to cool off in the early afternoon break. A tennis court is also available.

In the heat of the Waimea Valley summer, the many large trees provide welcome shade for readers and snoozers during the breaks from rehearsal. There are also a couple of pianos available for those who want to do a bit of individual practice.

Wifi is available at no charge but is really only usable in the common areas.

Teapotters’ comments about the Camp
  • ‘A lovely, peaceful location to enjoy’
  • ‘Great environment and camp with great staff making great food’
  • ‘Wonderful food – I don’t have to cook nor do the dishes’